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Field of Specialization:

Anthropology (in Social-Cultural Anthropology)

Main Interests:

Urban Problem, Urbanisation, Urban Poor, Urban Agriculture, Migration and Ethnicity

Present Position:

Coordinator – South and South East Chapter, Commission on Urban Anthropology, IUAES
Vice-President, Centre for Alternative Research in Development (CARID)

Past Positions:

UGC Research Scientist, Department of Anthropology, Calcutta University

Project Fellow, ICSSR, New Delhi (1971 July to 1971 September)
Junior Fellow, Anthropological Survey of India (1972-75)
Research Officer, Social Welfare, Govt. of India (1975-76)Senior Fellow, Anthropological Survey of India (1977-79)
Senior Fellow, Centre for Urban Economics Studies, Department of Economics, Calcutta University (1980-82)
Post Doctoral General Fellow, Indian Council for Social Science Research, New Delhi (1982-84)
Research Associate, UGC, New Delhi (1985-90)
Research Associate, Centre For Urban Economics Studies (1990 Sept. to 1990 Dec.)