Research Experience:

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A Review Study on Religion, ICSSR Project, Research Asstt.1971.

The Beggars of Kalighat, Calcutta, Anthropological Survey of India, Junior Fellow 1972-75.

A Study on Physically Handicapped Students of West Bengal, Social Welfare, Govt. of India Project, Research Officer, 1975-76.

A Study on Refugee Shop- owners in Calcutta and Their Adjustment, Anthropological Survey of India, Senior Fellow, 1977-79.

Study on Agrarian Class Structure in West Bengal, WB CADC Project, Research Officer, 1980.

Urbanisation of a Fast Growing Town, Centre for Urban Economics Studies CU, UGC Post Doctoral Fellow, 1981-82.

The Beggars: A Study on Urban Poor, ICSSR General Fellow, 1982-84.

The Urban Poor: An Anthropological Perspective, UGC Research Associate, 1985-90.

Migration, Urbanization and Ethnicity: A Cross Cultural Study, UGC Research Scientist, Since 1990.